Dare To Differ Entry Form 2022

Preliminary Information - please read before submitting your entry

1. This is a selected exhibition and not all entries will be chosen for inclusion.

2. Entries are open from May 1st to June 16th.

3. Entries are open to Australian residents.

4. All work must be the result of a single artist, be original - not a copy or a variation of another artist's work, non-traditional and not from a class or workshop, and made in the last three years.  Work can have been exhibited elsewhere previously.

5. The work must possess the basic structural characteristics of a quilt, ie be at least two layers stitched together.  Works that are stretched over a frame, or framed with or without glass will not be accepted.

6. The work should be no more than 2.5 metres in any direction.

7. The selector's decision is final, and no correspondence will be entered into.  Feedback on individual works will not be provided.

8. Quilts may be for sale.  Gallery M charges 33% commission on any works sold during he exhibition.

9. The Quilters' Guild of SA reserves the right to photograph quilts for Guild archives, social media postings and other appropriate purposes.

10. Make your payment of $35 (non-refundable) for up to two entries and note the REFERENCE NUMBER shown on your banking receipt.

Direct deposit details are:
BSB:  105 051
Acc: 207 144 540
Account Name: Quilters' Guild of SA Inc

Please also add the following coded reference with your fee so the Guild treasurer can track the payment:

11. The selectors can only work from your photos, so make sure you sell your work to the best of your ability.  There are many articles online to assist with how to do this.  Try this to get you going:


  • Take two high-resolution, in focus photos of your work in good natural light - one of the whole work including borders, and one a detail of a smaller area.  One side of your photo should be at least 1800 pixels.
  • Save the photo in .jpeg format and crop out any background.
  • The detail photo might be up to 20-25% of the work, or a representative area (25-30cm Square) showing your stitching, design focus, embellishments etc.  Enlarging an area of a whole-work photo will not give the detail area a high resolution, so take a second photo for this.

12. Name your photograph files according to the following:

Surname Initial_Quilt name_full/detail.jpg
eg GummowS_Flowers_detail.jpg

It is most important that your Surname is the first thing in the filename as this is used to sort photos etc for catalogues etc.  It takes a lot of work to rename files if they are not done correctly, and the committee reserves the right to not consider entries where no attempt has been made to the comply with this condition.

13. Measure your quilt (Height x Width in cm)

14. Prepare your responses to the 'Techniques and Materials' and 'Design Inspirations' boxes (max 30 words) in the entry form.

Copyright Compliance

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